Our Story

Lavender Road is born out of friendship, crossed paths and shared interests. Founders Melissa Welch and Marisa Saavedra-Gutierrez have over 20 years of friendship. Despite years of separation, they reunited in 2021 and bonded over news of Marisa’s thriving Interior Design business. Shortly following deep conversations of the twists and turns of life, their first partnership was born after Melissa took naturally to the Interior Design artform. As their work together continued to flourish, the two realized their passions overlapped and created even more possibilities to explore. Marisa had a dream of starting a home decor line while Melissa dreamt of sourcing beautiful products from around the world.

And voila, Lavender Road manifested!

The dynamic duo bring a diverse cultural background to their work, with Marisa as a New Mexico native and Melissa having roots in Turkey. The name Lavender Road combines their love of the powerful herb lavender (grown naturally in New Mexico and Turkey) and captures that despite years of separation, all roads lead back to Albuquerque. 

With that, welcome to Lavender Road.