Behind the scenes: The Great Unveiling

Behind the scenes: The Great Unveiling

Allow us to welcome you to Lavender Road. You’ve escaped the fluorescent lit department store and stepped into the divine luxury of multicultural influenced design. We invite you to keep scrolling to get a behind the scenes look at our very first curated photoshoot. As we begin this journey together, follow us down the adventurous, diverse and vibrant path that is Lavender Road. 

During our first product shoot it became obvious that there is a very special relationship between the product, the person and the space. That day we were a team of 4, and no matter who styled the product the scene was simply gorgeous. We watched as our pieces naturally took on various settings. It was like watching a flower bloom, each stage was as effortlessly beautiful as the next. 

For this shoot, it was important to us that the products were staged in a real, livable space. While Lavender Road offers luxury goods, we know all too well the realities of life. Therefore, we put focus on showcasing the pieces in everyday spaces and situations. Our line is for everyone, everyday, everywhere. It’s about making the day to day life luxurious. Think livable luxury

You’ll notice we chose to feature the products in a space that helps prove that Lavender Road is meant to be styled many ways, in many spaces. Each piece easily finds itself fitting into its environment, no matter the home. From mid-century modern to traditional, our goods are sure to give the space a southwest contemporary flare. 

This kick off to the launch of Lavender Road was made possible by a fearless team of dynamic women. The collaboration was seamless and we had a blast. Nicole Bridges Photography captured the essence of the product while Silver Next Design ensured each piece was artfully represented.  

As the first of many shoots, it will be difficult to top the magic we had here. 

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning!

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