Lavender Road Featured in Award Winning 2022 Parade of Homes

Lavender Road Featured in Award Winning 2022 Parade of Homes

Lavender Road received the warmest welcome into the legacy of the Parade of Homes Awards this year. The 2022 “Best Interior Decorating Award” was bestowed to Spatial Harmony who featured Lavender Road pieces throughout this stunning modern home. Take a peek inside as industrial meets rustic in this award winning Corrales, NM home. 

The lead interior designer on the project, Marisa Savedrra-Gutierrez of Spatial Harmony described the home as an ideal setting for Lavender Road products to shine thanks to the versatility of the product. 

“This home was initially intimidating to conceptualize,” confessed Savedrra-Gutierrez. “However once I realized it was an opportunity to blend the historically agricultural setting of Corrales with the modern build of the home, I knew Lavender Road was the only fit for the aesthetic it needed.” 

Lavender Road, founded just months prior to the award, brings home goods from around the world to Albuquerque by way of the Grand Bazaar of Turkey and other international artisans. Its focus is to fill homes with the vibrancy of cultures near and far.  

“We are awe-struck to be honored with this award during our first few months of operation. We were proud to fill this ultra-contemporary award-winning home with accent pieces from countries so rich with inspiration,” Melissa Welch, Lavender Road co-founder. 

The Parade of Homes was held over two weekends in October and featured over 15 homes across Albuquerque, Corrales and Rio Rancho. 


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