Collection Feature: Shibu Jewelry by Şebnem Erçelik Balmumcu

Collection Feature: Shibu Jewelry by Şebnem Erçelik Balmumcu

Maybe it’s the centuries old adobe walls or the eccentric bold colors of the merchandise? Whatever it is, while shopping at Lavender Road you enter a realm where ancient techniques collide with modern aesthetics. As you wander the boutique you’ll begin to notice how each of our collections rouse inspiration into your life. This featured collection of Shibu Jewelry hand crafted by artist Şebnem Erçelik Balmumcu does exactly that. Her wearable artform embodies the bold and powerful colors of semi-precious stones, allowing you to drape yourself in the magic of these earthly treasures.  

To get away from the stress of the intense work life, Şebnem Erçelik Balmumcu first started creating jewelry in 2006 and in time saw that this passion within could turn into a business that she would love doing. With her language skills and strong communication skills she shortly soon after found ways of reaching contacts abroad (connection through friends to boutiques) and slowly started building up an international clientele who searched for unique semi-precious jewelry. The collection consists of unique short & long necklaces, bracelets, rings and a limited series of men’s bracelets; thus, now the collection has a richer and larger scale of creations and her passion for expanding the brand to more local and international locations grew even more.

With its unique pieces, Shibu Style has been pleasing clients from all over the world since 2006. The best quality semi-precious stones are selected along with top quality metal to bring forward a most beautiful and personal style. The biggest inspiration for the designs is the extensive cultural heritage that we have experienced over the years in Istanbul. What we stand by is that our products are all unique. Each piece is only created once.

“It’s the playful textures and stunning natural tones of these pieces that had me swooning at first sight. Pieces like these are easy to wear and leave you feeling well connected to your power.” - Melissa, Lavender Road Co-owner.  

Jewelry by Şebnem Erçelik Balmumcu can only be purchased in-store. Stop in for a visit and browse these unique pieces.

Find us at  328 San Felipe St. NW • ABQ, NM • 87104



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