5 Ways to Gift Lavender Road This Year

5 Ways to Gift Lavender Road This Year

While the spirit of giving is always in season, these winter months hold a special enchantment for bestowing gifts to your loved ones. This holiday season, channel your spending power into products that inspire a little zest into their homes. 

Thoughtful gift giving is easy with these Lavender Road luxuries…

Loom Woven Hand towels 

Reach beyond the traditional uses and let creativity flow with our traditional loom woven hand towels. The durable fabric and pop of color make them a versatile piece for many home uses. Wrap your bouquets or add it to the cocktail cart. No matter which lucky person receives this gift, it will find a perfect purpose.  

Ikat Reversible Pillows 

Liven up their space with our reversible pillows. Just like there’s two sides to every story, there’s two stories to each of our pillows. One side, a rich tale of relaxation and the other an enchanted epic love story. No matter which they choose, they’ll love the adventure these pillows introduce to their space.

Turkish Throws 

Who’s your beverage on the patio buddy? Or maybe your movie on the couch buddy? This is for them. A cozy season classic with a bit more flare. These elegant throws add a splash of color and a little more charm to any space. Offered in a multitude of patterns and textures, you’ll find it too easy to pair with everyone on your list!  

Lux Dining Essentials Gift Box

You’re going to want to keep this for yourself! Complete with everything your dining table needs, our Dining Essentials Gift Box will have any dining table dressed to impress. Each box comes with six place mats, six napkins, a Lavender Road Signature votive candle and a Loom Woven Hand Towel. 

Lux Gift Card 

There’s something to be said for autonomy. A gift card is one way to be thoughtful while also creating space for a person's unique style. Stay within your budget and still give a memorable gift. They’ll thank you for the freedom. 

When the item is inspiring, gift giving can feed the soul and nourish the heart. Here’s to gifting thoughtfully this year and always. 

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